Adopt A Block - San Diego Dream Center

This volunteer-based outreach program works through collaboration and partnerships with local non-profits, businesses, city agencies, individuals, and churches to meet the unique needs of our communities.

We follow the call to care for those who suffer by being innovative in our outreaches and, as a result, have touched thousands of lives already. In 2014, we served over 4,000 individuals and families. We have a vision for a restored city, made up of countless lives impacted through our outreaches which encompass all of San Diego County. Currently our outreaches stretch from Escondido to the Southbay, focusing on locations with a high need of services for those suffering from life struggles. The impact we envision for this city is one of hope.

Adopt-a-Block is designed to assess individuals and families, and to meet their immediate needs by providing food, clothing, and other essentials. Our trained outreach coordinators assess the client to find the best solution or course-of-action to be taken in order to meet their individual needs. At the outreaches, clients are able to access several programs and resources offered through our agency and partnerships. Through collaboration with other organizations, lives are being transformed.

In addition to the Adpot-a-Block program, we have even gone one-step further in meeting the needs of people by providing Church-On-The Street services on Saturday evenings.


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