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The Dream Center story

Pastor Tommy Barnett heads a large and growing church in Phoenix, AZ. Many years ago, as he was growing his church, he felt a calling to reach out to the hurting in Los Angeles.

In his effort to be faithful, Pastor Tommy worked hard to interest other pastors in joining him to care for Los Angeles. Each time, he would take his prospective partners to the area, only to have them change their minds. The mission fields of Watts, South Central, Compton, Imperial Courts, Nickerson Gardens and Downtown Los Angeles were clearly too dangerous, and a new church would be unlikely to succeed.

Years later, God showed Pastor Tommy that his youngest son, Matthew, was the one to send to Los Angeles. Despite Pastor Tommy’s concerns for his safety, Matthew assumed the position of Pastor at a small church, Bethel Temple, in 1994. He was just 20 years old. With little activity in the church and the congregation attendance going down, Pastor Matthew began setting up his office outside on the sidewalk, asking people who passed by how he could help them.

As his outreach grew and the church came back to life, Pastor Matthew noticed the old, vacant Queen of Angels Hospital in Echo Park. He saw his father’s dream could become a reality in that historic building – a place to offer God’s love to the homeless and addicted, to victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence, to emancipated foster youth, and to those who hunger for food and hope.

The Dream Center Was Born

Today, thousands of individuals, businesses, and churches around the world have caught the vision of The Dream Center, volunteering and giving as God leads. The Dream Center currently finds and fills the needs of over 80,000 individuals and families each month.

The Story Is Not Finished!

San Diego needs to have a Dream Center Facility of its own, and our hope is that you catch the vision, partner, and financially support this movement in order to fulfill and complete God’s plan and purpose here in our great city!

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